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KitchenAid blender

I'm loving the KitchenAid ultra power blender. If you're anything like me and struggle with your 5 daily portions of fresh fruit and vegetables then this nifty little spinner is a dream. This morning my husband threw in one whole pineapple, one banana, two pears, half a cup of natural yogurt and one cup of […]

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California Dreaming

Year: 1950. Location: California. Headline: Homosexuality is a growing social problem. Check that year. 59 years later and yesterday's supreme court ruling in California to ban same sex marriage could easily be a headline from a 50's newspaper. This is the country that took us to the moon, developed the micro chip and voted for […]

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Amaretto apricots

Earlier today I was thinking about the next recipe I'm going to post and I thought I might like to make something with apricots, one of my favourite fruits. I'm not quite sure of the combination of the recipe yet (apricots and chocolate, apricots and almond, apricots and orange), but I'm certain that I want […]

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Banana and mars bar cakes

Goodness me it's been a while since my last blog post. We've had a really busy summer at Maisie Fantaisie making lots of wedding cakes and I haven't had a moment. So my apologies to you for that. Last weekend was my nieces 7th birthday so we headed down to the cotswolds to help out […]

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Sugar roses

I wanted to show you what we've been up to in the Maisie Fantaisie cake kitchen this week. One of our wedding cakes is to be decorated with an abundance of these beautiful sugar roses. They're just so pretty I wanted to share them with you! The inner layers of petals are made with individual […]

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The devil is in the detail

'We all know the devil is in the detail. Excellence is in the accumulation of seemingly inconsequential, minor and weightless details. Yet, if you gather them together lovingly and patiently, along with your team's intelligence – it is possible to create weight and density……..for a fleeting second, one may feel that one has touched excellence' […]

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Starting a wedding cake company

Recently my husband told me that the radio took 38 years to reach 50 million users, television took 13 years, the internet 4 years and facebook 2 years. Spreading the word about your business or music or blogging about your life and interests is easier than it ever was and sometimes It feels like there […]

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Velvet dreams…

We have very light curtains in our bedroom because we like to keep the room nice and bright and airy. This is a problem because with any light in the room I'm a terrible sleeper! The room has to be dark otherwise I wake up and, not one for lying in bed and dreaming of […]

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Grace Kelly's wedding dress

I recently designed a Grace Kelly inspired wedding cake and whilst browsing the internet I came across an article about MGM's designer costume designer Helen Rose. I read that Helen had been Grace Kelly's wedding dress designer. Helen Rose was hired by Twentieth century fox in 1942 to work on their musicals. By 1956 she […]

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Zesty lemon and rose cupcakes

I was strolling around Brixton market on Saturday and a bottle of rose water in the window of the Indian supermarket caught my eye. It was a lovely sunny day and I had been invited round to a neighbours for a cup of tea that afternoon. Always one to try out a new recipe on […]

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